Wolf Creek.

Posted: February 10, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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Now, as I’ve done two special reviews to start TheSlaughteredLamb off, my favourite and my least favourite horror movie, I thought I’ll do a normal one. This review is about the Australian movie Wolf Creek, ‘Stranded backpackers in remote Australia fall prey to a murderous bushman who offers to fix their car, then takes them captive. ‘. I had had this DVD for quite a long time before I had actually gotten round to watching it, and I had heard some reviews about how horrible it was. I had heard that it was so horrible that one of my closest friends, who is similar to me with her horrors, could not watch it all. I think after hearing horrendous reviews about just how nasty it was, I think that it wasn’t that I hadn’t got round to watching it, I think that it was that I was putting off watching it.

Well, as you can see, I did finally get round to watching it and I actually, worryingly, did not find it that bad. I mean, obviously, it’s a nasty film, just thinking about the whole thing is nasty, three people getting chased, tortured and then killed is horrible. The thing that made it even worse was that it was based on true events, that people went through actions similar to what are in this movie,  that is a very nasty thought, and one that makes the film a lot more pyschological. I also think this is why it wasn’t amazingly gory, well it wasn’t to me anyway. I think because it has the whole true events thing under it’s belt, and that someone may have actually gone through something as terrible as this, it didn’t have to show as much as other films.

Well the film has the same layout of events as many other movies, like All The Boys Love Mandy Lane or even The Descent, where it starts out nice and good and takes a turn for the worse. This film, like All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, starts off at a party but unlike All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, nothing happens for a while, the party ends well and the start of the trip goes very smooth for Liz, Kirsty and Ben. Until they hit Wolfe Creek, a giant hole in the Australian Outback where a meteor once hit. I wouldn’t say that this part was slow as it does manage to keep it entertaining, this is the part where you are getting to know the characters, and I think that this was a good choice. Getting the audience to know the characters is good in any film but especially in this as I think it makes you feel for them more, which you should as in the back of your mind you still have the idea that some of what happens are based on events. The movie soon gets rocky when they head back to their car and it won’t start, along comes Mick Taylor, a ‘nice’ man who helps them. Basically, he’s not nice.

Do not trust random people who give you drinks around a fire....

Sitting round the fire with Mick, he seems like a nice guy, until Ben mentions a famous quote from Crocodile Dundee “You call that a knife? This is a knife”, where Mick seems to change from the nice guy who was laughing with them to a guy who carries a knife and who you’ve just offended. The three hikers then find themselves becoming tired and fall asleep but wake up tied up and gagged. This is when you realise that they shouldn’t have drank that drink.

From here on in is where it gets nasty, Mick has them right where he wanted them and as one of them finds out later on, they are not the first people he has trapped. Now, I don’t want to say too much or give away the ending but I will say, although I didn’t find it that bad, there are parts that are very uncomfortable to watch. One of the group wakes up to find Mick teasing another with a gun as they are tied around a post and the worst part, I’d say and I’m sure a lot of people agree, ‘the head on a post’ scene, which I would say is the worst part of it. You don’t see any of the action, but you do hear it, boy you hear it and you feel it. You have grown with these people, you have had the time to get to know them and you are know having to sit and watch them being tortured.

I think Wolf Creek was done well, you didn’t need to see everything, it had already become pyschological before you’d even started it with it telling you that it was based on true events. Just that fact makes you put yourself in their position as it is now very realistic, it’s not like other horror movies where it couldn’t happen, Hellraiser could never happen, but this could and it has. This film is not for the fainthearted, the fainthearted in gore or in imagination. It stays with you and let’s just say, I never want to go back packing. Anywhere. Ever.


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