Day of the Dead.

Posted: February 12, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews

Day of the Dead, the original 1985 one, is an interesting one. Well, not really, I got very bored of it if I’m honest. ‘A small group of military officers and scientists dwell in an underground bunker as the world above is overrun by zombies.’ I watched it because, once again, I’d heard about the gore in it and because it was George A. Romero, and I do like his movies.

I really did not enjoy this movie, all the people seemed to do was get angry, and they were angry a lot, and sexist as there was only one woman. It all seemed really boring and annoying to me as they all only seemed to be against each other and that was it. I had watched it for the zombies yet it was like a soap opera.

A lotta angry people and zombies.

Keeping with Day of The Dead though, I was impressed by the gore, the day dream with Bub the zombie sitting up off a bed and his stomach literally falling out within his ribs and just the hungry zombies. The zombie make up was impressive and up to the standard of films now, along with the zombies meal times. One at the end is especially memorable with every part of the person either peeled off or pulled apart as they are eaten alive. I definitely think that the gore and zombies were the only things that kept me watching this otherwise I definitely would have given up on it. I didn’t enjoy it. It just didn’t keep me interested. Although I say I was bored though it, there was one part that I actually really enjoyed and that I had never seen before. Bub is a zombie, who had been tested and trained to see if he can be, basically, a veggie and gun using zombie. When the underground place the humans are staying in is overrun by the zombies, one of the humans, like they have been for nearly the entire movie, gets angry and ends up killing the scientist who has been looking after Bub and has become a friend to him. Bub then excitingly escapes looking for his friend to show him his chains have broken and finds him dead. This is a human moment, that is really quite emotional, you see Bub’s emotions that he had before he was a zombie and you see how he felt about his friend. You feel for him, even though zombies terrify me and just seem out to eat everyone in their way. I had never seen a zombie think of a human more than food before and act like that before, so I did start to think of Day of The Dead as more than just a boring movie, but as something that had something different. I didn’t like the movie, but I loved that part.

Bub, more than just a hungry zombie.

 But don’t worry, karma soon catches up to the human who kills Bub’s friend. In a very unpleasant way.

Day of The Dead is a film that I didn’t really enjoy and didn’t really understand as I was lost by the woman’s flashbacks and the ending. The ending I have no clue. But I have to give it to the Bub scene, I couldn’t praise that enough, showing  a zombie with full human feelings and who uses them to help karma along.


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