Top Ten Decapitations.

Posted: March 1, 2012 in BlueMoon Top Tens

Yes, I thought as I’ve done a few normal reviews and a few specials, I’d go onto another post that I have always wanted to do: Top Tens!

I’ve decided to do the Top Ten Decapitions out of horror movies, I chose this because it’s fun, basically. I enjoy them, in a normal, unfreaky sort of way, and the bigger the better. This is a strange list to start with, but hey, they are memorable. I mean, it’s not everyday that someone loses their head!

Just a warning, some of the reviews may contain spoilers. Just a warning! I will mention some but may accidently miss some too. Again, just a warning. Some reviews contain bigger ones than others and I WILL tell you if there is a major one. Enjoy!

10) The Omen

The Omen is a scary movie, a demon child, children and demons are the worst things behind zombies because zombies


are just wrong. Luckily Damien is not a zombie and is just a child who has a very very very evil side. Yay, because that makes it a whole lot better.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not 100% sure if I have seen this entire movie, I’ve seen parts and I’m not sure whether I’m just putting all them together who whether I have in fact seen all of it. Luckily, this is just about the decapitation in it. The poor sod who gets it is Keith, luckily though, he does go quickly and believe me, he wouldn’t of felt a thing. Keith gets decapitated by a pane of glass off of the back of a truck. He sees it coming but it was so quick he couldn’t have even shouted “Heads up”. This was also apparently the very first Hollywood decapitation in a film. Neat.

Keith is basically just minding his own buisness working as a truck starts rolling down the hill towards him without him seeing. He sees it as the truck is brought to a stand still but he glass isn’t and he loses his head though all the excitement. The glass cuts his head clean off and sends it spinning, much to the horror of the people that find him. Damn, that Damien has done it again.

This is number ten in my list as it is memorable, I think the majority of people who have seen this remember this scene and even if you haven’t, you know about it. The camera angles in this are also brilliant, you see the death from all different angles, in slow motion and in so many takes. For the first ever Hollywood decapitation, it’s good!

9) Dead Snow

I haven’t actually seen Dead Snow, but I really want to, so badly! I think I saw this death on The Scream Awards or


something and it has literally stuck in my mind ever since. I’ve seen the trailer and I think it looks brilliant, especially with the whole ‘Ein’ ‘Zwei’ ‘Die’ thing because it’s German. Why has no one ever come up with that before?!

Number nine in the countdown is a scene in Dead Snow where one of the characters, unluckily and stupidly, stands by the window, cue the Nazi zombie bursting through the window and grabbing him. Oh, but the zombie doesn’t stop there, instead of just the normal eating of the person, the zombie decides to go at it another way and gouges the man’s eyes, not out just gouges, leading to his head being pulled apart. His head is then pulled in two as his brain drops to the floor making a nice ‘splat’ on the floor. Everything I want out of a zombie movie!

This is my number nine because, even though I have not seen Dead Snow, what I have seen of it seems very entertaining. This scene is entertaining, it’s the type of scene where you sit there and go “Eww, that’s really bad” but you laugh and smile all the way through it. If you watched it in a group, you’d all be saying “Ewww!” in unisom and some may try to cover their eyes but they can’t, they can’t look away. And then after that gross moment, you’ll all laugh about it. I can’t get enough of this scene, it’s a gross out moment, but it’s just so damn entertaining!

8) Wrong Turn/My Bloody Valentine

My number eight is slightly strange, it’s two films, two different films, two films where one is pretty bad and one is very good.  My number eight is Wrong Turn and My Bloody Valentine. I put them together as the death in both of them are done in the same way but are done well and are original. I also put them together because they’re not a whole head, so putting together two tops of the heads, makes a whole head. Yes? Making a whole decapitation….

In Wrong Turn, Carly is climbing a tree with two others but is caught by one of the cannibals. The cannibal swings an axe and cuts her head in half, one half of her head, the part above her jaw is left, while the rest of her body falls to the ground. My Bloody Valentine uses this same death but instead of an axe, the poor character using a shovel instead of an axe. This victim remains alive while the shovel is in her mouth for a bit until the killer uses a bit more force and pushes it in fully, severing the top of her head and the bottom. Poor people.

Wrong Turn and My Bloody Valentine are my number eights because these deaths are original, they haven’t been used a whole lot but when they are used, it’s painful. Even more painful than an actual decapitation. Without going into too much horrific detail, an actual decapitation takes the head right off, and unless that whole thing that says you’re alive a couple of seconds after your head is off is true, you’re dead before you hit the ground. And we’re obviously not cockroaches, so. With this, the person could still be alive, in My Bloody Valentine the character is alive while the shovel is in her mouth. This death is not a nice way to go, it’s orignal, it shocks and that is why it is my number eight. It is the gift that keeps on giving. In a non psycho sort of way.

7) Jason Takes Manhattan

Once again, I have not seen this movie. I was told about the scene, I think, by my old Film Studies teacher who made the scene sound so entertaining and strange, that I just had to see it. The scene I mean, the movie I’m not running down to the shops too quickly to get, for reasons.

This scene is definitely one of the strangest things I have ever seen, I’m still not 100% sure if it’s serious or not, I hope not, that’s all I’m saying. You will never see anything like this in your life. I’m going to post the clip just because it is THAT watch worthy, you needto see it. Basically, Jason is fighting a boxer on a roof, the boxer is punching Jason and seems to be winning, until Jason has his go. Wow, that man can punch. He literally punches the guys head off, you see it fly off the side of the building.

Jason Takes Manhattan is my number seven because, even though it sounds and seems like a pretty bad movie, that scene is….glorious. I have never seen someone punch someones head off before like that. Or ever for that. I almost wish that the head would fly through the town, hit the moon and bounce off.

6) Prom Night

This is Prom Night the orignal one, the new one has no gore in it whatsoever, saying that though, I can’t choose a


favourite out of them.

Anyway, in this scene, it is the big part at a prom, where the prom King and Queen are annouched, everyone is waiting around the stage waiting for the annouchment, when the killer strikes backstage, sending poor Lou’s head rolling onto the stage in front of everyone. I thought this scene was pretty funny to be honest, you knew it was coming, watching the killer backstage looking for his victim and yet it still hits the spot. It’s not shocking but it is definitely memorable, for the audience and the characters. Poor people were waiting for the whole Prom King and Queen, not just a head. If you’re like me and don’t really remember most of this movie, you’ll definitely remember this scene.

This is my number six because it made me laugh, it’s like dry humour, it may not have meant to be funny but it was definitely. Prom Night is not really a funny movie, it is a horror, it stars Leslie Nielsen, who was a very funny man, but he’s not in it as a comedian. The film was made as a horror but this scene is funny, whether it was meant to be or not. And you know what they also say, he should have stopped when he was a head. 😀

5) Wasting Away

I love this movie! It’s not a well known or big movie, but it’s brilliant. Wasting Away is about a group of friends who while eating ice cream, eat some type of toxic substance that turns them into zombies, only they don’t know they are and think that because everyone else is sped up and acting different and because of a new friend, they are the only ones who are not infected by something unknown.


The group end up at the local bowling alley and Mike, one of the zombies, ends up losing a fight to someone with an axe, he also loses his head down one of the lanes. This is hilarious as his head rolls the entire way down, knocks over the pins and then makes it way back up like a normal bowling ball. Genius. I have only ever seen it done once before, and that was in an episode of CSI and was probably not meant to be so funny. Mike losing his head also sets up the rest of the film to be even more funny than it already was, with him having to be carried around in a bowling bag with holes cut out, not being able to see over briefcases while sitting on a table and having to move himself using on the stump of his neck. Mike losing his head is not the main thing of the movie, it doesn’t make the movie lose any of its genius-ness, it’s just a little extra. In the midst of the zombies realising that they are the enemy and are going to be hunted down, Mike does a very much inspiring Braveheart type speech to the rest, as a head. Just brilliant. Heads have never been so funny or brilliant.

This is my number five because I love the movie and because the decapitation in it is just hilarious. It is something that in many films, is serious but in this, he lives on, helping the others and being the leader, even without nobody. (I’m on a punning roll!) Decapitations normally make people flinch or turn away, but this one adds comedy to an already hilarious movie. It makes heads rolling funny. You will laugh untill your head rolls! The movie as a whole is brilliant and is an unknown beauty, and has many stand off scenes. I just loved this scene because it made me laugh. A lot.

4) Final Destination

I first saw this scene when I was like 12 or something on ‘100 Greatest Scariest Moments’, at that age, I thought it was hilarious, years later and it still is. I have never forgotten that scene and I think that’s part of the reason it’s in my top ten. It’s not overly gory, it’s not overly funny, it’s just different.  But I guess thats the Final Destination films for you!


This scene seems to tease you, all through the Final Destination films, death toys with you about who is going to die and how. This scene leads you into believing that Carter is safe as he gets very cocky and drives onto a train track, believing that he is not next so therefore cannot die. When his car gets stuck and his seatbelt jams as he tries to get out, he starts to believe that he may have been wrong. This part leads you on a whole maze of who is going to die, Carter cannot get out of the car while the train keeps coming, but at the last second, his seatbelt breaks, allowing Alex to pull him out. This is where you accidently relax (you must never relax in these films, someone always dies!) and believe that no one is going to die at this moment in time. But, ha, of course someone’s going to die, and they’re staring you right in the face. Billy starts shouting at Carter ‘You’re dead’, which is basically some type of irony as it’s not Carter who’s about die. Bye bye Billy. Billy stands too close to the tracks with a shard of metal is caught underneath the moving train, as the train moves the shard flies out and catches Billy right in the chin, slicing his head clean off his neck. His head rolls down the hill as his body remains with the others.

This my number four as I have never forgotten it. Okay, I admit, during the years that I remember it, it has changed, such as how he lost his head and who was there and that but the point is, I remember poor Billy’s death. It’s stuck with me, it entertained me then and it still entertains me. I also love the irony of the whole thing, Billy shouting “You’re dead!” when in actual fact, Death had it all planned out and sadly for Billy, it is all going to plan. Just a very smart scene.

3) An American Werewolf In London

I adore this film, as you would have already seen, and so I may have been slightly bias that this film hadto be in this top ten as there is a decapitation in it. Luckily, it is a good decapitation and deserves its third place.


I am not going to go into much detail about this scene as it would contain spoilers so I will just give you the view of the decapitation and that’s it, no more than that. In this scene, David and Jack are sitting in a porn theatre, just having  a casual talk with the victims of David’s alter-ego, y’know, as you do, when David turns and starts wreaking havoc on the city. In the mist of the distruction, the police arrive and, kinda bravely, kinda stupidly, one police man tries to stop David who is now full hungry werewolf.  Obviously, it’s not going to end well, unless the police man is secretly The Hulk. As he tries to stop him, David bites down on his neck, cutting his head clean off and boucning over cars.

This is my number three because, even in the mist of distruction and fear, this scene is comical. I mean, I have never seen a head bounce like that, the head bounces on screen, across a car bonnet and off the other side. In all the horror of the werewolf killing and destroying everything, John Landis still adds in some comedy. This is something that is difficult to achieve well, kinda like playing the Ukelele, easy to do but hard to do well, John Landis did it perfectly. He uses fear as everything Jack was worried about comes to blow and David turns full Mr Hyde. He even manages to make a decapitation of someone trying to help seem comedic. I just think this scene is done incredibly well, especially with the scene that it is in.

2) Speed

This definitely contains spoilers. Okay, now I know this doesn’t exactly count as a horror movie unlike all the others but it’s definitely just too good to leave off of a list of decapitations. And besides, I’m not reviewing the entire film Speed, just its decapitation.


Speed is my number two because it’s just a very well done scene, especially following the rest of this very well done movie. All through the movie Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have been watched by a very evil Dennis Hopper on a bus and if that bus goes below a specific speed, it explodes, killing them and the unaware people who got on it in the first place. This leads to a very pissed off Keanu and Sandra who both, along with the audience, want to 1) Get off that damn bus and 2) Get evil Dennis Hopper back (I adored the guy in real life, wouldn’t never have wanted to get him back) and the end is exactly where that happens.

Spoiler alert if you don’t want to know the ending. When they are able to escape the bus, a chase begins where Keanu and evil Dennis find themselves on the top of a moving train, this is just the ending for an action packed movie where the killer really is psychotic. As they are fighting, unaware to either of them, the ceiling blocks are lower than expected and oops, evil Dennis loses his head. His head literally gets pulled back by one of the blocks, snapping it and taking the body with it. Okay, not a full decapitation but he still loses his head, it literally is only hanging on by skin.

This my number two because it is so unexpected but yet so expected, as they are on the train, you know that something is going to happen, but whether it was that or not, I’m not sure. They’re on a train. At full speed. On the roof. Fighting. It’s not going to end well. This scene is incredible at holding the tension and is just brilliant following an action packed movie that could have ended on a bit of an anti-climax but instead goes out with action, surprise and originality.

1) Se7en – “What’s in the box?”

Whoa! We’ve hit number one already! Aw. Well enjoy!

Now this entire thing will contain spoilers. Do not read if you have never seen the film, or do not know the ending. I’m warning you. If you haven’t seen it, don’t read. Reading this will bum you out!

Basically, Se7en is an amazing movie. It’s not for the faint hearted as it is disturbing but it’s amazing, and the ending/twist is my number one. ‘Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his modus operandi. ‘I just love this movie and the ending just ends it off on a high, it’s a sad ending but it’s brilliant



Kevin Spacey, the brilliant Kevin Spacey, plays John Doe, the killer and right at the end, Pitt, Mills and Freeman, Somerset, have him captured and right where they want him. Only problem is, there is one more deadly sin that they haven’t found yet. Cue, the delivery of a box in the middle of the desert to Pitt’s character Mills, What’s in the box Brad?! His wife’s head. Such a shocking twist. John Doe was envious of Mills life and so cut off his wife’s head leading Mills wrath by shooting him.

I think this is done brilliantly, starting off with the setting, in the middle of nowhere and a box is delivered, I also like that the entire film is disturbing and shows a lot of detail in the killings, yet the head is not shown here, all that is seen is blood. When Mills shoots Doe as well, it is seen from far off, it is all done so delicately. It goes from a tough movie with lots of detail, to a tough delicate movie. I just think the entire scene and film is brilliant. And that is why it is my number one. It may not be the most gruesome but it is definitely the most well done and most memorable.

So now you know what was in the box. 🙂

So who else had the Top Of The Pops theme tune in their head?


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