Posted: March 12, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews

Tormented is one of those movies where you recognised just about every single person in it, either knowing where from or annoyingly you don’t. Tormented ‘A bullied teenager comes back from the dead to take revenge on his classmates.’, is kind of like if you mix a toned down Skins with some type of teen horror. Ironically, there are at least two Skins stars in it.

Even though for the majority of it I was trying to work out why I knew people, I enjoyed this film, there is just something about it that is very nice and very watchable, and it has nothing to do with the good looking cast. This is just an enjoyable movie. It’s not the best I’ve ever seen, and at times did seem like some type of teenage show as the characters spoke to each other and laughed together, but it soon pulled it back with the deaths.

There is just something enjoyable about this little present, but I can’t pinpoint what makes it that exactly. As I mentioned above, the only thing I didn’t like Tormented is that sometimes it does go too ‘teenag-y’, and by that I mean they talk like friends do but it comes over as corny. This is just a little thing th0ugh and it’s a horror movie so it doesn’t fall onto this, it falls onto the deaths and Darren Mullet’s ghost.

The deaths are good, original, some that I had never seen before. Spoilers. I mean Marcus gets whipped with a towel by the ghost, so much that when he gets whipped in the eye, his eye pops out, forcing him to push it back in its socket. If you think that’s bad enough, Marcus runs and thinking he’s safe, (He runs outside into the sun. A normal ‘safe’ situation in horror movies) he stops and stands by a frighteningly pointy fence. As soon as you see the fence, you know it’s not going to end well. And it doesn’t. Darren Mullet’s ghost appears behind him, picks him up and impales his head onto the sharp point of the fence. Jason, Mullet’s friend before he let him down, goes off in an even more impressive, thought-out way, two pencils up his nose where his head is slowly pushed down onto a table, sending the pencils slowing riding up the nose and into the…..victim’s…..brain. This was bloody, but it made you go “eurgh!” but laugh straight afterwards. The deaths and gore in this film are good, very good, they used deaths that I have never seen before and they were all good. I feel one let it down though as when Khalliah is suffocated and handcuffed in the art room, her hands are cut off by a guillotine. This looks fake, you can tell it’s fake, blood is squirting out of the stumps where her hands use to be and she dies lack of blood. Obviously.  Even though I say this scene let it down, the film does have some very good comedy in it, and I’m not sure whether this is some tongue in cheek death scene compared to the others. If it’s not  then it makes you laugh anyway as she tries to phone the headmaster by using her nose to type the numbers on the phone and just literally screams down it. The headmaster does not believe it though, believing it is some prank call and puts the phone down.

Lovely jubbly…

Overall, I enjoyed this film, it has horror that I enjoyed, the gore and deaths were new and the comedy was there but not rammed down you as if it’s screaming at you that it’s a hybrid. It’s subtle, Mullet’s ghost wears a pair of goggles as he sits on Sophie at the bottom of the pool killing her. I did enjoy this, it was different but in a good way, it’s a very cleverly done British horror movie.

Ghosts can be funny too…


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