I had wanted to see F for a while now, it’s a fairly unknown film, or I thought it was anyway, I could be completely wrong, but I had heard of it and had wanted to see it for a while, even though I didn’t really know much about it. I think I had quite high expectations for F ‘A group of teachers must defend themselves from a gang of murderous kids when their school comes under siege after hours.’, as I had seen a photo awhile back of some of the gore and it was impressive. It had definitely stuck in the back of my mind, as soon as I saw that it was being shown on tele, I was there!

F is a strange one, I wasn’t that impressed with it as a whole, most of it was spent creeping around and watching a father and daughter have a terrible relationship. I’ll admit as well, I did wind through a lot of it as a lot of it is spent watching people quietly creep round the school saying nothing. I also didn’t really like any of the characters, there wasn’t a favourite out of them, of course I cared what was happening and I cared when (most) died (some deserved it, they were annoying) as the whole film is a horrible situation. The whole situation of being stuck in a building with people trying to kill you is a horrendous thought, and the fact that it has happened is even worse, it makes it more realistic. I have seen movies and programmes that use this whole concept but in a more effective way, like Elephant or in American Horror Story, in  both of these I felt more for the characters, especially American Horror Story. I was hooked! Anyway, back to F, I just didn’t really like any of the characters, there isn’t one that stands out and I think that was one of the problems with it. I felt sorry for Anderson as he gets head butted by a student and loses all confidence and his life basically falls apart, but he doesn’t help himself. You kind of want to just shake him and say ‘get a grip, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your life back on track!’ It’s a tough thing, yes, but he does not help himself.

One thing I did like about this movie though was the gore, the gore was original and impressive. It had people being wrapped in barbed wire, graphically hit in the face with a fire extinguisher to some poor sod whose jaw is hanging off. Yep, they went full Mirrors on ya. Anderson and the remaining security guard follow a trail of blood down a corridor to find the PE teacher crawling along the ground, obviously not doing too well. They then slowly turn her over to find that she has been attacked, badly, has been stabbed, scratched and her jaw has been nearly ripped off. The head teacher gets it slightly better, she is found with some of her face beaten in from a fire extinguisher. All in all the deaths and gore is impressive, especially for a film that looks kinda low-budget, it was the best part about the film.

Overall, I didn’t really like the film as a whole, I enjoyed the gore and the idea was good but that was about it. Spoilers. The ending also annoyed me, it just….ended, Anderson’s daughter gets stabbed so he runs her out into his car before noticing his ex-wife’s car in the car park. His daughter wants to get the mother who has obviously wondered, oblivious, into the school, but she needs to go to the hospital, he needs to make a choice. He ends up leaving and taking her to the hospital, and that is it. It ends there. You do not find out who the killers were or why, I honestly thought it was going to be something to do with Anderson, as predictably as that may sound, but we never know. It is literally like they ran out of ideas and just thought they would turn it into one of those ‘you decide who the killer is’. But it doesn’t work, I wanted to know, I still want to know. When you see the wife in the school, I also thought that it would be all down to her, she turns around and I was expected for her to say something like ‘you’ve done well’ or something like some evil Yoda but nope. In some ways, this ending is good, it just leaves it, you don’t know anything, but I didn’t like it, some films could pull it off. Not this one though. I also did not get why it was called F until, I googled it, F is what Anderson gives the student on a paper leading to him headbutting him.

Overall, the best part about this film is the gore, its original, and as horrific as the concept of F is, it’s a good one. I didn’t really enjoy this movie though. Sorry. And I’m sorry for the lack of photos, apparently there aren’t that many around.


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