Untraceable was a film that I was looking forward to seeing, as soon as I saw the advert on the TV for it, I was excited.

Film poster for Untraceable - Copyright 2007, ...

I thought it would be right up my street, and I was right. Untraceable ‘FBI agent Jennifer Marsh is tasked with hunting down a seemingly untraceable serial killer who posts live videos of his victims on the Internet. As time runs out, the cat and mouse chase becomes more personal.’, is good, I like films that do gore as well as some type of mind game or cat and mouse type story. This is a film that combines both of them very well, I was into it straight away. As soon as I saw the first victim on the computer screen, which was horrifically a little kitten, I wanted to know more, even though it was a poor little kitten. I was honestly hooked, I knew what the film was about before I’d starting watching and so having some action right at the start pulled me in even more.

Untraceable, unlike most of the films I watch, wasn’t overly gory, it may be to some but for me it wasn’t. It had its moments but it didn’t need to be overly gory, I loved the story. I loved the whole cat and mouse thing, where he was literally ‘untraceable’ and that people, unknowingly, were helping to kill someone with him. I was just hooked, I wanted to sit all day and watch it, as bad as it is, I wanted to know who his next victim was and the imaginative way he was going to kill them. It started off well, Jennifer, who works with the FBI cyber crime section, gets a tip-off of a website called KillWithMe.com and she is able to take it off the internet. All is well. Really? It comes back up and there, on the screen is another victim, this time a person who has been injected with anticoagulant, making him bleed a lot faster than normal, and as the viewers gets higher, so does the dosage. As more people learn of this website, more people visit it, it cannot be shut down, and press conferences just get it more popularity. I got very into Untraceable, I was with the police every step of the way, I wanted them to find this person and quick. I was nervous, every time there was a new victim, the viewings would go up, people enjoyed the website, I started hating the people who were watching the website, I was fully on the police’s side.

Would you watch?

Spoilers. I really liked the way the film made you believe that the victims were all random, even though secretly you knew it wasn’t going to be that easy, until Jennifer’s daughter secretly snuck onto the website and saw their house on there. This was when it could have got really predictable, they could have gone with the whole ‘I’m going to steal your daughter, put on her on the website but damn, you’re going to get there in the nick of time’ or something along those lines, but luckily it doesn’t. They don’t find the killer even though they find the camera outside on a car, they find the last victim’s body but that’s it, and the daughter’s fine. The killer even seems to have a (slight) heart as he post about that did they really think he would hurt a little girl. I like how they took it off the predictable factor and switched it, capturing Jennifer’s work buddy Griffin instead and putting him on the website, Griffin’s death was sad, he was a nice guy and you’d got to know him and he was killed in a brutal way.  I did not see  his death coming and it was done in a very well planned way. It also turns out that people were not random, each person at something to do with the killer and they were not related or friends to the main character like most movies like this. She was just someone working on the case, who was trying to stop it, and her friend was brought into it with no fault of hers.

Yet more spoilers. Sorry. Even though I have been raving about this movie, the ending let it down, it was so good until it hit the end. As I had mentioned above, I loved how it had swerved past the whole predictable victim situation that normally happens in these type of movies, but it lets me down and does it later on. The killer kidnaps Jennifer and in the end it’s all down to her, as normal. I was really let down by this ending, if I’m honest, as soon as she was in her car at the end and it stopped working, I could see exactly where it was going. She was kidnapped, she was put on the website and she killed the killer and escaped. All just in the nick of time. The only things that I liked about this were where the kidnap was, somewhere so near to Jennifer, that the killer died (SOB) and how it ended by seeing the comments on the site. The rest of the ending I hated. It was just so predictable. I loved it until then, it was different, it didn’t follow and then the ending just fitted perfectly into a stereotypical ending, which is bad.

No spoilers here. Apart from the ending, I loved this movie. I was into it from the start, I loved  good cat and mouse movie with twists and this was one of them. Apart from the ending. I just add my own ending on…


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