Funny Games.

Posted: March 24, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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This is definitely not a funny game. Or funny

This review is for the American version of Funny Games, the shot by shot remake of the original. Normally remakes are not as good as the original, the shot by shot of Psycho was horrendous, but sadly I cannot speak on this compared to the original as I have not seen it. I have only seen this one but from what I have seen, it stands just as strong as the original, or  what I’ve heard about the original. I will go off that now though as I said, I have not seen the original one, but I adore this film. Funny Games ‘Two psychopathic young men take a family hostage in their cabin.’ is a harsh film, it is very realistic in some ways, someone could just knock on your door, ask for some eggs, you invite them in and they literally take over your home.

Just brilliant…honestly.

Funny Games is a film that I really love, its harsh but I really enjoy it. It starts off quick, after less than half an hour the two guys are in the house and it’s all getting a bit awkward. They ask for them, break the first set ‘accidently’, break the next set, once again ‘accidently’ and when they are told to leave, they refuse and are determined to get those eggs. When Ann can’t get them to leave, she calls her husband George, who when he tries to get to the bottom of the situation Spoiler, Paul and Peter break his leg with a golf club. This when you know that all hell has just broken loose, or is at least about to. There is not a lot of violence in this compared to a lot of movies, and most of it is off-screen, actually I think all but a few are off-screen, all you see is the aftermath but you hear the sounds from them. Even though this is not the most violent, gory movie ever, to some it’s not even close, it still sticks with you. It is disturbing. A family have their lives ripped apart when two psychos are invited in and just rip everything apart. The things Peter and Paul do to the family is terrible too, and you like the characters, you like Ann, George and Georgie, they are a normal likeable family who are of on their holiday. Spoiler. They break George’s leg, they put a bag over Georgie’s head, they make Ann strip to prove the point that she doesn’t have any ‘jelly rolls’, they are hard to watch. They are not as gory as torture scenes like something out of Hostel, yet they are very harsh, I think that they are so harsh because they are not over the top or gory, they are simple and could happen. I mean, so could the deaths out of Hostel but these could happen anywhere, even in your own home.

Another side of Alan Tracey…

Even though this is a hard movie, an ‘extreme’ movie, I adore it. I think it is brilliant, it’s just so clever, the characters of Paul and Peter are just so psychotic, yet they don’t seem to see anything wrong in what they are doing, they are so polite and calm. At the start, they seem very nice and polite, but soon turn into some type of really really scary team. Even though, they are really scary and just not right, they do it all so politely, there is even a part of you that, sadly, still seems to like them. They ask things nicely, they talk to the family in a polite manner and they even apologies for things. They are not your average ‘murderers, they are more like villans, like Kevin Spacey in Se7en, they get into your head, act decent although there is probably not a decent bone in their body.

I just find this film incredibly enjoyable (which is probably wrong to do so) and also incredibly clever. Spoiler. It is just so clever the way Paul breaks the fourth wall, looks and talks to the camera. “What do you think? Think they stand a chance?” He knows we’re watching and it’s amazingly done and clever but awkward. Suddenly he looks at you and talks to you, this makes you feel like you’re watching something you shouldn’t be and that someone knows you’re watching it. It’s like you’re watching it but could stop it, it seems like Paul is edging you on to stop it, yet you won’t. “You shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment.” He knows you’re watching it, no one else does except him as no one else looks at you or even seem to know he’s doing it. I just love that it does this. I love that it didn’t go down the normal Hollywood route, where it’s a happy ending. I mean, the only part of Karma in the entire movie where Ann manages to shot and kill Peter, it turns out to be some type of fantasy as Paul grabs the remote and rewinds the entire thing back. It doesn’t even have any sort of happy ending, every member of the family dies, Georgie first, then George then Ann. The

Paul smirks at the audience.

One of the original evil sods…

last scene is of Paul and Peter going to another house and asking for eggs, starting the entire thing again. Paul even looks at the camera so you fully know what is about to happen and that you can’t stop it. Evil but polite.

I honestly cannot find a bad thing about this movie, it is tough but so so brilliant. My mission is to watch the original.

Once again, another movie that puts me off ever getting a holiday home…


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