The Loved Ones.

Posted: March 28, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews

I adore The Loved Ones. I was so excited when I saw the advert for it when it was on TV and literally just could not wait to see it. It just seemed like a very interesting and good movie, and I was not wrong. I think this film’s brilliant. ‘When Brent turns down his classmate Lola’s invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge.’ I enjoy it a lot.

"Pretty In Pink meets Wolf Creek" Ha!

I can’t explain why I like this movie so much, I just do, it’s a normal type of story, quite an original story but it still goes the way you would expect it to go, the Hollywood way. It starts out good, turns bad, takes a rollercoaster ride the entire time and Spoiler ends well. Basically Lola has a BIG crush on Brent, who already has a girlfriend, so it is not surprising when he turns her down for the dance as he is going with Holly and is not a knob. Lola though, does not like this one bit, and she has her dad wrapped around her little finger, so Lola aka Princess always gets what she wants, and what she wants is Brent. And what she gets is Spoiler an unconcious Brent who definitely does not want to be there. Lola starts out as quite a nice person, she looks harmless as you see her at school, or seems like quite a nice person, untill she gets home and you see what she is really like.

The Loved Ones is a creepy film, when you get to Lola’s it is anyway, she has a screw loose and so does her dad. She wants Brent bad and the only way she gets him is to drug him. Nice. This is not just a movie where he gets kidnapped and it all hits the fan, it is clever, there are twists. Spoiler At the beginning, Brent is driving his dad somewhere when a very battered guy runs in front of the car and he serves out-of-the-way to miss him, killing his dad when he crashes. This sets off the falling apart of his family, Brent and his mum are never really same again, she doesn’t trust him or anyone else driving and she seems to blame him for the dads death. She doesn’t even like when Brent’s girlfriend Holly decides to drive him to the big dance. He doesn’t make it though, Lola’s dad kidnaps him when he’s on his own and beats his dog as a sort of warning. As soon as he hurt the dog, I disliked him fully. Even though, obviously what happens to Brent is bad, it brings his mum and girlfriend together, it makes his mum realise how much she loves him and makes him realise he is loved and is not alone. I guess Lola and her family are the opposite of this, her and her dad anyway, they are close, very close. It’s that awkward close though, she has him wrapped around her little finger and he will do anything for her, absolutely anything, even kidnapping her crush for her, which in the end you find out he has done quite a few times. From the start when you meet them, you know it’s not a normal relationship, for one when he buys Lola a pink prom dress and shoes, she changes in front of him and he does seem to look his daughter up and down and enjoy it. As if it was a very hot person bending down in front of you. Who was not related to you in any way. Unlike this. It is just a creepy family, More spoilers when you get there, not only have you just seen the dad looking his daughter up and down and that he has just kidnapped her crush, but they have a woman sitting at the table who they call ‘Bright Eyes’ who is not with it. She not with it for the ‘normal’ reasons but because of something horrendous that Lola and her dad do to people.

This is a film that I think is brilliant, but I couldn’t tell you why. I think it’s just because it has everything, comedy, gore, twists, suspense, everything. The gore is enough for gore-lovers, no one really dies until the end but Brent is tortured throughout in very original and quite graphic ways. Bleach and knives anyone? Spoiler A drill is also used in a very original way which is why Bright Eyes is the way she is. Hot water and drills don’t mix! End of that spoiler See, these are the twists you find out throughout the film, it’s not just a horror film like any other, you gotta keep your brain on, remember things that you’ve seen before. Spoiler Like it turns out that the guy who ran out in front of the car at the beginning and killed Brent’s dad, was a guy that Lola and her dad kidnapped and tortured. That she has a scrap-book of all the guys she liked and killed. That Holly’s dad is the police officer involved. Even though you find out all this, you never really find out who Bright Eyes is, which I like, you’re given a lot of information but some you have to come up with yourself. Even though you find most things out and that it ends in a happy way, it’s still brilliant.

This movie is brilliant. I adore it. Made my dad watch it as I loved it so much.

Is it finger lickin’ good? Nope, just the Prom Night from hell.


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