Eden Lake.

Posted: March 30, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews

Eden Lake is a different sort of horror movie, its one that uses humans and realistic situations instead of monsters and slashers. Eden Lake ‘Refusing to let anything spoil their romantic weekend break, a young couple confront a gang of loutish youths with terrifyingly brutal consequences.’ is a film that makes you annoyed. You get annoyed at the group of ‘yobs’ who are terrorising the couple and who literally are just being little brats but you also get annoyed at the couple as well as they act like the normal horror characters. And by ‘the normal horror character’ I mean staying when you know something bad is going to happen, fighting back that type of thing.

This film is clever, Eden Lake takes you into your deepest fears, fears that you might not know even exist, and as I always say, it’s not the dead that you should be afraid of. This proves it. The villans in this are a group of kids who just seem bored and just don’t like the couple, they steal their picnic blanket, set their dog on them and even steal their car. They are just annoying, they are people who you never want to come across ever and who you’d turn around in the other direction and run home if you came across them. Even the Sat-Nav at the beginning tells them to turn around, which actually, after you’ve watched it, turns out to be really clever. The couple, Jenny and Steve, are enjoying themselves at the beginning, on a nice romantic getaway, they will not let anything spoil it, literally anything. As they are at one end of the pond, the gang at the other end, they are trying to enjoy the peace but the gang will not let them. Playing loud music annoyingly and letting their dog run riot. This is when, as an audience member, you quietly wish that Jenny and Steve leave, you know this is going to go horribly wrong and it does. It goes horrifically wrong.

Unlike most horror movies, this starts off mainly perfect, from the beginning you know this is going to go horribly wrong. Steve and Jenny narrowly miss running the gang over right at the beginning, before any of the trouble has started, as they ride out in front of their car, when they stop off at a cafe, the waitress hears them talking about the gang. Spoiler When Steve says that they are ‘hassiling’ them when she asks, she suddenly gets very defensive and this is when you know they should definitely turn back now. She also says ‘not my kids’ which is a small hint about what the ending will hold. Oh yes, this entire thing gets worse. This film is very clever, it just keeps pulling you back in to the horrible world that Steve and Jenny are in, you hope that when one of them runs, they will get away, part of you knows they won’t but part of you wishes they will. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies, I knew that they wouldn’t escape during the film but may be at the end. I wished that at least one of them would escape and those horrible people would have Karma kick them up the butt, even if Jenny and Steve should have kept their mouths shut and just left. As the film continues and you start to realise Spoiler that everyone they come across is working against them, such as the little boy at the beginning, who in the end leads Jenny back to the group and the waitress who you find out does know them, it is a horrible realisation. Their chances of escaping in something that isn’t a body bag has just gone from something like 80% to about 20%, yep, it’s bad.  Finding out that everyone in the town and everyone near the couple is on the other team is horrendous. you want them to escape but you kind of know, it’s not going to be easy.

As a lot of these type of films, there is action, it’s a horror but there are chase scenes, there are speedy car scenes, chases which are all not surprising but along with these, the director has put in gore which is good. It’s an 18 and for good reasons. Spoiler Throughout the movie, there are flinching moments, Jenny steps on something very sharp which goes right through her foot, leading to her having to push it out. That was painful. That made you go “ow”. Steve is tied up with barb wire which isn’t that graphic to look at but the thought of it is more painful, it is a very painful thought. Very painful. Adam, the young guy who helps them at the beginning and ‘helps’ Jenny in the end, ends up with a tire around him and is set alight along with Steve, who is the lucky on at this point. Dead. I wouldn’t say this is the most gory film ever but it makes you think, when Adam is set alight you do not see it up close, yet you don’t like it. In the end, you don’t see anything just hear it, but it is painful. It leaves most of it to your imagination which is a very good thing to do. I love gore and I enjoyed this.

Now I’m going to mention the ending. So obviously and definitely a Spoiler. A big one. The ending was a killer. I wanted someone to make it, I wanted something to happen to the people. I wanted Karma and it didn’t happen! I guess, you could say that there was a slight part of Karma throughout the movie, most of the gang did die, and somethings did happen to Jenny and Steve (that may be slightly cruel but people who don’t just leave when they should in these movies deserve everything, except Ash in Evil Dead. He wondered into it but I loved that character!) Right at the end though, no Karma. None whatsoever. Jenny had not done anything that bad to deserve what she got in the end. But in a sad way, I liked the ending, it was shocking, I did not see it coming at all. It made you grab hope, she found a house, oh my gosh, she found a house, oh my gosh, people are being nice to her, oh my gosh, she might survive……oh damn. As soon as she sees the photos of the gang leader in the house, she and you both realise that she has not escape, she has just made it to the lion’s den. There is a whole load before this that hints such as someone is looking for their son who sounds a lot like one of the gang she just killed but that is just the build up to the end. As the gang leader arrives home, she’s in the bathroom, you’re with her as you can both hear the characters outside realising who they have in the bathroom. She grabs a razor, the only thing there, and waits…. gosh. You don’t see anything but you hear her screams knowing that no one will know about any of this…

This is a different movie, I found it enjoyable and the cast is a well-known British cast, Jack O’Connell, Kelly Reilly and the big Michael Fassbender who is everywhere now. It’s good. Not the best but enjoyable…in some way…


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