Pet Sematary.

Posted: April 4, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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Pet Sematary is a truly scary film. It’s by Stephen King and, unlike It, is very good and very scary. ‘Behind a young family’s home in Maine is a terrible secret that holds the power of life after death. When tragedy strikes, the threat of that power soon becomes undeniable.’ This film starts off like any other, happy, The Creeds family move into their new home which is perfect, except they live right next to a road used by big trucks and right near a Pet cemetary. All the hints to a really quite bad story. If that all doesn’t hint enough that that family should not be there, the father, Louis, works at the hospital and when a victim named Victor dies on the operating table, but not before whispering a very creepy message in Louis’s ear (as they do in horror movies), he then appears to him in his dream too. But it’s not just a normal dream, Louis dreams of the Pet Sematary (in the film, the cemetary’s sign is spelt with an S instead of a C) and when he wakes up, his feet are covered in dirt. Spooky!

If all of that wasn’t a big enough hint on that they should leave, when the Creeds are in Chicago, Church their British short-haired cat (who scarily is the splitting image of one of my cats) is sadly run over. Now I liked their neighbour Jud (Fred Gwynne, Herman in The Munsters), I wanted him as my neighbour, he also had a very nice voice too, but as I said, I did like him, I think I lost a bit of that likeness when he Slight Spoiler was stupid and buried Church in the Pet Sematary, even when he knew what would happen. Not surprisingly Church comes back to life but very very evil and smelling horrible. This family is not the smartest family to be honest, like most families in horror movies, they see what happened to Church and they still bury on the Sematary. This time it is their son Gage as he is run down by a truck, but he does the same as Church and comes back very bloodthirsty and very mad. You know what they say, things that are dead, should stay dead. The family started well, they did bury Gage in a normal cemetary but the whole thing of missing his son and that he died so young gets to Louis who digs him up and buries him in the *whispers* bad sematary. He can’t deal with the fact that his son is dead and he seems to blame himself slightly too as it was right outside the house and they could have stopped it. If they’d just watched him the entire time, he would be alive still is what Louis thinks, leading him stupidly to bury him in the Sematary, desperately thinking that it could bring his son back. Completely ignoring the fact that Gage is not going to be Gage anymore, instead an evil, human eating, human killing smelly Gage.


The entire movie gets very very creepy at this point as now there is a zombie cat, a zombie little boy and Louis keeps seeing the dead Victor too who keeps talking to him. And thanks to Gage playing with his mother with hallucinations, we start to learn about her sister Zelda. Zelda. Zelda will stay with you all your life. She is pretty terrifying, you see her in Rachel’s flashbacks as she died and it was all blamed on Rachel as she was with her. The character is actually played by a man to get that look for her as the character has an illness that is just basically breaking her down. Zelda is the creepiest thing about this movie I’d say, the look of her and the feel of the flashbacks are just creepy.

Really creeps me out....

Pet Sematary is a good scary film but you do have to expand your belief for some of it as some of it is….um…..not that believable. For one after waking up evil Gage manages to find a scalpel out of his dads hospital bag and knows how to use it and that it is dangerous. I’m pretty sure he is meant to be about  five or around that age so I doubt a child would know how to use a scalpel. Especially the way he Spoiler Jed, slicing his Achilles Tendon, then across the mouth and then finishes him off by eating his throat. I really doubt that a child of that age would be able to do any of this. Gage does not stop there though, oh no! He goes onto his mother, he calls her in and then when she hugs him, not knowing he is evil or has just killed their lovely neighbour, he, presumably, stabs her in the eye, killing her. This may be likely, I’m not sure, it’s not really a category that I really know but the part of this that is really unlikely is the next part which is so unlikely it has become famous. The attic/loft scene. Gage manages to pull his mum all the way up to the loft, hang her and then somehow drop her down at the most amazing time to scare the living daylights out of the dad just as he walks below the door. Yeah, I don’t believe that. Maybe he came back as a zombie hulk…

Blue? Church?

Overall, I do like this film, it did scare me. Even though my cat hated it, Church’s meows are real and so my cat thought there was this evil, angry cat somewhere in the house. Did have to wind through some for that reasons but I still got the feel of it and I liked it. Even if some of it is highly unbelievable. And let’s just say, I agree with the Ramones, I don’t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary, I don’t want to live my life again…evil.

This is what happens if you get buried in a Pet Sematary....don't.


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