Hide and Seek is a film that I did actually enjoy although the ending really sucked and messed it all up. Hide and Seek  ‘As a widower tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife’s suicide, his daughter finds solace — at first — in her imaginary friend.’ is a film that I thought actually started and went through really well. I especially enjoyed the opening credits (see, it had so much going for it, if only the ending was good), the opening credits show Robert De Niro’s car as he drives him and his daughter Dakota Fanning to their new home after the death of his wife. That’s not the reason that I like the credits, as you watch the car drive down the road, the names of the actors are shown above, but as they are shown words written in red pen are shown around them. Does that all make sense? Well, as you watch it and it finishes, you realise that the words were all clues on realising the killer. Sadly though, you didn’t really need the clues, it is the most obvious guess you could have guessed. Just think of the characters. Right? And then have a guess at who the killer could be. Yes? Right, well you have probably just worked out the twist already without even seeing it. It’s that easy.

 Up until the end, I was actually quite enjoying Hide and Seek, it has a rather creepy feel to it with the daughter Emily having this imaginary friend who isn’t as nice as my old imaginary friends. David’s wife died in the bathtub where she committed suicide and one night Spoiler David walks into the bathroom finding the bath full, with candles (like how his wife died) and some type of ‘you should have saved her’ guilty message on the walls. Obviously he blames Emily as they are the only two in the house, it then happens again but this time the poor family cat is the victim found in the bath. This is how I found the film so entertaining, it led you up to the ending (that you obviously hoped was going to be good and wasn’t the one you’d just guessed), it has creepy moments, just whispering the whole “Charlie, come out come out where ever you are” is enough to make you want her to not open that door. I thought it was all done very well, you didn’t see who did anything although Emily was physically not right. You could have just thought that it was her all along as when she meets Elizabeth, a neighbour who David arranges play-days with her daughter for Emily and who he gets along very well with, she does not try to hide her dislike.Elizabethis nice and brings some books around for Emily when she comes for dinner while Emily just knocks them all to the ground and asks that all time awkward, date killing question “Did my dad tell you about my mum?” Spoiler All signs point to Emily being Charlie especially when Elizabeth turns up outside on the pavement having taken a dive out of the top window. Whoops. Yet, all signs point to that very first guess, the guess you had right at the start of the film.

Nope, he doesn't see until right at the end...even when everyone else does.

 Right, that guess. Let’s all say it together…Spoiler .David! I’m guessing David is the killer aka Charlie and hoping that I am wrong. Hoping, praying, flinching that it is not David and was not that obvious……ah snap. Yep, you were right, it was David, Emily’s dad, the most obvious guess there could have been. The guess anyone could have made.  David was the killer after having two personalities and killing his wife but making it look like a suicide after he caught her cheating. Ta-dah! Now, I don’t like guessing endings, feel it takes the shock away and I like that, but even I couldn’t help thinking ‘could be the dad. No! It couldn’t, way too obvious!’ The only reason that I could possibly think for the writers to think that this was a good twist was that it was so obvious people would be pushed away from it and in some way it would come back to bite them right on the arse. Nope. Just seems like they ran out of ideas. Sorry. A bad ending ruins a film, up to that I was enjoying it. It would have all been done well if it wasn’t such an obvious answer, even the dead mum would have been better. Even if I was enjoying it, I definitely lost a lot of that love for the ending, I aim for good endings. After the awful twist, it ended alright, I mean right at the end. Spoiler Katherine, a close friend, ends up saving the dead and shooting David, as always in the nick of time, and then adopts Emily. It ends with it all dandy at Katherine’s house getting ready for school, until you see Emily’s drawing which is of her but with two heads. Oh no! This could mean that she has what her dad had! No!      Yeah, I did kinda see it coming. Now, I do know that there are about four other endings but this is the one that I saw.

 Hide and Seek is like eating too much chocolate, starts off very well and then is ruined at the end and just ruins the entire thing. Sorry. Damn you bad writers/writers block, damn you!


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