Mean Creek.

Posted: April 12, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews

This probably isn’t as much of a horror movie as most of the others on here but it has a horror feel and is very very good. This film is Mean Creek ‘When a teen is bullied, his brother and friends lure the bully into the woods to seek vengeance.’  Now, I had

Drake & Josh (soundtrack)

I love Josh…but not in this…

never heard of this movie before until I saw that it was on Film4 and thought it sounded quite good. And I am very glad that I did watch it.

Mean Creek has a story that has been done before, of the bullied kids taking it out on the bully and something

Mean Creek

bad happening, but this is different, it has a different feel to it and even though you’ve seen this story before, this is enjoyable and new. Some even use the slightly different story but it still shows a group going against normally one person. This even takes on the same set up as all the rest yet it is so different. The film starts off being filmed out of  someone’s video camera, you soon learn that this is George the bully, and you soon learn that there is something not right about him. He gets amazingly violent when someone even just touches his camera. The beginning also shows you George when he’s not  bully, as he puts the camera down, he’s smiley and nice. When I say that this is at the beginning, I literally mean right at the beginning, this is all even before the credits have finished, you’re getting to

know the characters even before this film has started, this is a big thing in horror movies, you never normally get to know the characters before something bad happens. And something bad does happen in this, very bad.

When Sam’s brother Rocky finds out that George hurt Sam, he sets out with his friend Marty who is not the type of person you’d mess with or want to get on the wrong side of. They invite George to a fake birthday party for Sam on a boat but plan to get him to jump into the lake naked and run home. When they pick him up, he’s obviously made an effort, he’s even bought Sam a really nice present, this is the point in which you start to feel sorry for him. George seems to be just a guy who wants to fit in, he has dyslexia which none of the others actually realises. Sam decides to call the plan off when Millie finds out about it but Marty will not let it slip, he believes that George deserves what he gets. George is nice most of the time to the group but does have spells where he goes back to being a bully, as they get further down the lake/river it all takes a terrible turn for the worst.

Mean Creek is not your average horror movie, it’s only when they are traveling up the lake/river that it really takes a full horror movie turn. They start playing Truth or Dare, which some dislike as it tends to lead to someone getting hurt, but they go ahead anyway, this is when you know George is in trouble, you already knew that he was but now the tone has changed. Marty is dared to show his little friend (or big friend as he brags) and George, as a j0ke, sprays it with water with a water pistol. After this everything goes tits up. George makes a joke about Marty’s dad, who committed suicide, without realising that it was such thin ice, leading to a big argument. George finds out the reason he was there and literally loses it with everyone, calling names, swearing and shouting to Marty that his dad ‘blew his brains all over the walls’. Spoiler As Marty launches at George across the boat, Rocky stops him, accidentally knocking George into the water who can’t swim. No one knows what to do so they just watch in horror as George fails in the water before knocking hisself out on his camera. Rocky jumps into save him but cannot find him until he floats up facedown, dead. When George turns up dead, being a horror fan I have seen a lot of films where someone dies and the group hide the body, I was hoping that it wasn’t going to go this way as it would have ruined it. Marty convinces them to bury the body but the others come clean. They are humans and are actually quite smart. I say actually quite smart as they shouldn’t have done it in the first place, George was just a misunderstood boy, who you find out in the end, wanted to become a film maker so he could show his mind and so people would understand him. Aww, George…

I really liked this film, it’s an old story, has a slight Stand By Me feel, but is done differently, it is a small independent film that more people should see. One thing about it though, Josh Peck. Josh Peck was George, the bully. Josh Peck as in Josh Nichols on Drake and Josh. Spoiler Josh Peck is George who dies. He dies. Drake and Josh is like some of my childhood, Josh Peck died in this. Awww.End of Spoiler Obviously though, that does not take from the fact that this is a brilliant movie and that Josh Peck was brilliant in it. SEE THIS MOVIE. NOW.


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