Dawn of the Dead.

Posted: April 20, 2012 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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This is Dawn of the Dead the remake, the 2004 one. Before you cry about how you hate remakes and how people need to stop doing them (I agree on some, remaking the Evil Dead? Are you mad?!), this is a pretty good remake. It starts off very well, no hint of an attack, no person locked in a hospital, someone goes home, goes to bed and wakes up to a zombie of a husband. ‘A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.’ Ana is a nurse, which, I hope, was a push towards all the zombie movies and shows that start off in a hospital, and starts off at her work. Nothing happens. She drives home. Nothing happens. She talks to a neighbour. Nothing happens. She watches TV with her husband. Nothing happens. Gets it on with her husband. Nothing happens. And then goes to bed and nothing happens. Now, I feel that I have made this all seem a lot more boring than it actually is. This all takes about ten minutes and isn’t boring. I am just saying it because it is different, most zombie movies either start out straight away, maybe locked in a hospital, or build it up to it. This does not do either, it does not even give a hint of any zombies, it has a tone

Dawn of the Dead (2004 film)

*Whispers* They now run…

and there is a ‘breaking news’ type bulletin but sadly, Ana and her husband are in the shower at this point so don’t see this, and they are the only hints of any type of problem. It just shows that hints are not needed all the time…

Ana’s husband wakes up to find the neighbour’s daughter (I think..) in the hallway outside their room, he wakes up and when she doesn’t speak or move (stupid man) goes up to her Spoiler she then bites him straight in the neck, but oh no, she is not just a very hungry child, she’s a zombie. She’s a zombie who has just bitten a person, uh oh. And we all know what happens if a zombie bites you, you die and then return as a very angry, messier, hungrier version of yourself. So not really like yourself then. Ana tries to help her husband but he dies and soon comes back wanting more than just a hug from her. More like her brains. After she has a little scuffle with her zombified husband and manages to escape out of the bathroom window before being eaten, she soon discovers that her neighbourhood is in terror. There is fire everywhere, people being eaten and zombies running haywire. I did like how it starts out like this as it goes from a completely calm evening with no hints of anything, to a complete nightmare, like that (click of fingers). I thought this was really good compared to other zombie movies, this gives you no hint whatsoever that nothing is going to happen, until it hits and then all hell breaks loose.

After the beginning, it does take the normal route, the main make it out to safety, meets others, you know the story. This film is the famous mall safe place, I can slightly see why a shopping mall would be a good safe place but I also don’t know where someone came up with it. I guess it makes sense but I would prefer a place with no windows, one small door, probably underground, basically somewhere no one could find me, unless I had others with me, in which case I would be straight to the nearest shopping centre. I have also never seen people in a shopping centre before, or I have and it was so bad that I can’t remember it. Anyway, this was done well, the mall is big and they are stuck but it doesn’t always seem claustrophobic, it is only claustrophobic when the characters feel the same.

The characters aren’t the most memorable characters, some I liked, some I didn’t, I think I quite liked Kenneth, mainly because he was very entertaining talking to the man on the roof opposite using cards. Being that I can’t remember any character names (I did have to google the names) and I don’t really have a favourite, I remember people and think they weren’t that bad, but that’s about it. I like Kevin Zeger’s character (and him 🙂 ) and I like Ty Burrell because he was in Out of Practise but that’s about all I can say,most I can say weren’t that bad, I didn’t like the pregnant woman but yeah… To be honest though, I didn’t watch it for the characters, I watched it for the zombies and the gore. Even though something about zombies just terrifies me and as my mother kept saying, they run in this, hard, they are very quick. The zombies are good and the gore is good, the zombie baby also adds something that I had never seen before. All in all, this wasn’t that bad a remake, I have never seen the original so I can’t compare it but as a zombie movie overall, it wasn’t a full let down. It’s got good zombies and good gore. YAY.

  1. Saint says:

    The originals better because the virius isn’t rushed in this one it takes a day for things to go to absolute shit 26 hours to be exact

    • theslaughteredlamb says:

      I definitely agree with you there, much better when you know its coming but yet, it still hasn’t.

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