Fear Island is a film that I watched for the people in it, mainly Kyle Schmid, but actually I was pleasantly surprised by it. I wasn’t expecting a lot being that it was a horror movie, on the Horror Channel, with people who aren’t exactly Oscar Nominee actors. In that way, I mean that they have not been nominated, not that they couldn’t ever get nominated, no offence meant, and I didn’t mean about the Horror Channel in a bad way. I LOVE the Horror Channel, and I love the bad movies that they show, this was a surprise. I did actually enjoy this movie quite a lot, could be a bit of a guilty pleasure.‘After a blowout party at a secluded island cabin, five friends make a shocking discovery: a dead body and the only boat off the island gone. Trapped and unable to call for help, they become prey to a mysterious killer seeking revenge. Together, they must decipher the murderer’s chilling series of clues to reveal the island’s secret past … or face death one by one.’

Fear Island is a film that looks like its going to be a normal teenage horror movie, a whole group of good-looking people go away to ‘partaaaaaaay’ and start getting murdered. That is the basic story that Fear Island has going for itself. But this is different and I don’t really know why, I kind of didn’t want it to end and again, I don’t really know why. It starts off different, Jenna, one of the friends, well the only survivor, is in police custody after she is the only one found with a knife. All signs point to her but she can’t remember a thing. Being that she is the only one left alive, this film could have turned into some type of  predictable story with a terrible ending. But it doesn’t, this ending this thought through well, very well. It is a very clever ending, I did not see it coming. It sets it up for one twist that when it happens does shock you but it’s not the biggest twist ever, you kind of sit there thinking ‘good, but it could have been better’. And BAM. The story continues and that is when the biggest twist comes.

Now, obviously, I’m not going to say the spoiler, it is just a big twist that I don’t want to ruin for anyone and I know how tempting it can be to look. This is a film that isn’t the best film, it’s a good film but not the best, you can kind of see that without even watching it. But the twist is genius, it sets up one twist which isn’t a bad one but then it hits you with an amazing twist. I did not see it coming, at all. It could have lead to a really predictable ending like in Hide and Seek that kind of makes you lose some of the enjoyment you’d had for it but luckily, so luckily it doesn’t. Boy, it doesn’t. Thank you twist script writers!

Overall, this was not your average ‘I’ll watch it for fun because it’s bad’ horror movie. I found it enjoyable, it’s not the best but I really did like it. And Kyle Schmid in it was a bonus…


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