I liked this movie, House of Wax ‘A group of unwitting teens are stranded near a strange wax museum and soon must fight to survive and keep from becoming the next exhibit.’ I did enjoy this movie, it’s just a very entertaining horror movie…with Jared Padalecki! Okay, you got me, I may be slightly bias here as I adore Jared Padalecki. I’ve loved him since I got in to Supernatural and I’ve met him and he’s a lovely man. So yes, I may be slightly bias…slightly…maybe… Anyway…

I don’t think I was expecting a lot from this movie, it’s a remake, it stars a group of good-looking teens, I had heard that it wasn’t that good and it stars Paris Hilton. I was excited for it, I love a good slasher movie and this starred the ever so lovely Jared Padalecki so I was well up for this. And I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not the best I have ever seen but it’s not the worse. Let’s say I would rather watch this again than Hellraiser. This is a movie that you can turn your brain off while watching, you get some eye candy, you get gore, there are even twists, some better than others but the point is, you get twists. It follows the type of story as many of the normal horror movies, group of friends go to party, or in this case go to a match, but still they stop, drink and all that, it’s all hunky dory until someone starts killing them. This follows that exactly, down to a T, but I enjoyed this. I would watch it again. It took quite long to get to the gore and the killings but the build up wasn’t boring, it wasn’t just getting to know characters, it was making everything damn awkward. They start off having a laugh but when they pull over to camp, a big truck pulls up, lights blaring, onto the camp site. When one of them gets angry and smashes  a head light with a bottle, they know they’re in for a rough time. And when they wake to find Wade’s car with its fan belt broken, it all hints to the bad future. Up until this point, the whole movie had been following the normal story but this is good. It doesn’t go full pelt into the horror, it leads you up to it, you see the mysterious truck, the group follow a really bad smell and follow it to find a pit of horrible sludge and a hand poking out. Wade and his girlfriend then hitch a ride with someone to get a new fan belt, who is amazingly creepy and who could be a killer but luckily, is not.

This film leads you up to the horror, you ride to the town, you meet some of the characters in that very creepy town and then it hits you. The horror. The twists. It’s not the best film but it has some good ideas. I will now be going into more detail so Spoilers . Wade is the first to go, he is turned into a wax figure leading to the first big twist, everyone in that city is wax, and all the wax figures use to be people. Creeeeepy. His is a horrific death, it is a lot worse than the gory deaths that follow, he is literally paralysed and covered in wax. And then his face is peeled and sliced off. Oh Wade. Your very good-looking face is peeled off. I think Paris Hilton’s death though was the one people were watching for, and it doesn’t let you down. It is full on pole through the head gore, I read they even made T-shirts saying ‘Come watch Paris die’. I know that people don’t like her and that she’s annoying but I do find it slightly cruel that people want to see her die, in a creepy way. Like, yeah, it’s entertaining but I feel some people may have gone a bit too far in the whole ‘YES, Paris dies!’ thing. Even though I say it’s entertaining, I’m not sure who thought of putting Paris in it, its like putting an American in a role as  a Brit, you could easily find a good actor to do it and who is actually British. But I give it to the people who decided to do it, she can’t really act but people weren’t really expecting much, it was a good move, it makes it stand out.


The gore in this film is brilliant, the CGI and sets are brilliant, it’s just a very entertaining, switch your brain off movie. People get killed in so many ways, covered in wax, pole through the head, decapitated, you’ve got it all. And the twists. The twists! There’s one after the other apart from I did think some were thought out more than the rest. Spoilers. One of the twists is that the town is wax and that the two evil brothers run it, another is that all the wax people, were actually people, they are both very good twists, I enjoyed them. Maybe slightly predictable but still good. The film starts off with a flash back to the twins so you know from the start that one is not right, but you assume that the deformed one is the evil one, well more evil one. Nope. Wrong, Bo and Vincent are the brothers and all along you’d assumed that the deformed one, Vincent, was the really nasty one, actually it was Bo. BAM. Another good twist. The last twist is not so good, I thought anyway, as the remaining people are driving away after saving the day, it is announced that Bo and Vincent had another brother, the guy who gave them a lift there in the first place. So they haven’t actually stopped the horror, there is still one more brother. I did not like this twist, well I did, but not in this film as there is no one else living in that town, so it’s not going to be that hard to find out who the other brother is or where to find him. His brothers set up the town, he’s the only one left living there! Anyway, apart from that I enjoyed it as  a whole.

House of Wax is an entertaining movie, with or without enjoying Paris Hilton’s death. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…especially if you’re a J-Pad fan like me. 🙂



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