Creepshow 2.

Posted: January 8, 2013 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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1987 creepshow 2 01


I will be honest, I have not seen Creepshow one. From what I’ve seen though, they don’t lead from each other so it didn’t seem to really matter. (I may be completely wrong about that…)

I’m not really that sure what I was expecting from this film. I was actually/probably/maybe expecting something like if Goosebumps the TV show and the film The Page Master had a love child. Cartoonish going into some B-movie type story. (I knew that it used cartoons, that’s about all I knew) And I was…..partly….right…..

Creepshow 2 ‘Three more bone-chilling tales that include a vengeful wooden Native American, a monstrous blob in a lake, and a hitchhiker who wants revenge and will not die.’ starts off as a cartoon when a young boy takes some magic seeds from The Creep, this scary looking thing who talks to you throughout the film. Cleverly, the stories all come out of a comic the boy is reading and you follow the boy until you cut into a story. The boy grows through getting the magic beans, being bullied, just basically a normal story the underdog hero of a movie would go through. This is all done as a cartoon, the actual stories are the only things that are in real life.

There are three stories in the movie, the first one is about a wooden statue who takes revenge on its owners killers, the second is probably the best with a group of, stereotypical, teenagers who go out onto a raft in the middle of a lake, only to find there is something in the water that’s hungry, the third is about a woman who is being stalked by the hitchhiker she knocked over, who just wants to thank her for the ride. All three are very corny and not really scary but my favourite was definitely the second one. The teens are stupid, there’s a jock, a slut, an emo/loner and a geek, a worst Breakfast Club on a raft… The monster itself looks like a giant, floating black plastic sack, and the deaths are pretty hilarious. I don’t mean that in a horrid way, their skin just kind of melts when the black plastic sack touches them, (poor slut who sleeps across a gap in the raft), pulls them straight through the raft gaps which is probably worse, (poor poor jock), and it even has some humour (poor geek). I enjoyed this one just because it was B-movie-ish, whether its meant to be I’m not sure, but it’s entertaining, over the others, especially the first one, it’s the best. The first story is slow whereas the third one I liked the concept of but it’s just so over the top. It has got some creepy moments though and as I said, a good concept.

Overall, this was a let down of a film, I was expecting more, but the stories are pretty entertaining, they’re just so bad, they’re good, or near enough good…


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