I actually really enjoyed this movie, surprisingly. ‘During an otherwise routine babysitting gig, a high-school student is harassed by an increasingly threatening prank caller.’ I don’t think I was really expecting much as it is a remake, saying that, I’ve never seen the original so to be honest that could have been a terrible movie so the new one didn’t really have anything to compare to, but its a classic so I’ll go on that it’s good. So, going back, I was impressed, I really did like this movie. 

ImageFrom the start you are on edge, it starts as a normal horror movie, where it’s all happy apart from the main has got a problem. I’ve seen this in many films, in this Jill has been made to babysit instead of going to her schools bonfire party. Damn. The house is in the middle of nowhere and is huge, the perfect house for something bad to happen. Jill has also not been allowed to drive there…damn you dad, now she’s stuck out there! If I was a psycho, I would definitely be going for this house!

As I was saying, from the start you’re on edge, you know the house is out in the middle of nowhere, all her friends are out somewhere in the middle of nowhere, she has no car, and she’s looking after kids, and let’s be honest, kid’s are the worst idea in a horror movie, basically, she’s screwed. This film holds the tension very well, from the first heavy breathing phone call, I was scared. It may have helped that I was watching it on my own and it was starting to get dark, but I think it still would have scared me if it was sunny outside on Christmas day. I also find anonymous phone calls and strange knocking on the door and all that terrifying so that may help with it as well. This film scared me and did a very good job at it, it didn’t over do the phone calls, it didn’t show you who was doing it, you were with Jill the entire time. I’ll admit, some things she did, I wouldn’t have done or would have done earlier, like phoning the police but that’s got nothing to do with this. I was also very happy that we didn’t see the guy until the last like half an hour. And the “Jill, we’ve traced the call…!” scene, oh my gosh, I stopped breathing, I knew it was coming yet I nearly wet myself!Image

Overall, an impressive film. I’d highly recommend for a film to keep you on the edge and actually scare you. One complaint though, but I can’t really put this on the filmmakers, the trailer, I watched the trailer after watching the film and I didn’t like how they showed the whole “Jill, we’ve traced the call…!” bit. Yes, I know, everyone knows but seeing it before seeing it in the film takes away the shock, and that’s a brilliant part. But apart from that…impressive. I’m just not going to answer the phone anymore or babysit, but I’ve never really babysat so that’s alright…


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