Posted: August 8, 2013 in SeeYouNextWednesday Reviews
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Ah, Feardotcom. ‘Four bodies are found in New York City. Why, why, why? The coincidence? They all died 48 hours after logging on to a site named feardotcom.com. Tough detective Mike Reilly collaborates with Department of Health associate Terry Huston to research these mysterious deaths. The only way to find out though what really happened is to enter the site itself.’ My best friend bought me this for my birthday and luckily, we tend to try to buy each other bad horror movies….

Feardotcom is not a master piece in pretty much anyway. This film is very much like Untraceable, about people dying around a website, and I have to admit, Untraceable is better. Feardotcom has good death scenes and does well with the gore but it was to clique in parts, every single place any of the characters went looked like one of the death rooms in Se7en. It seemed like no one in this film knew how to properly use or turn on a light.



The concept of the film is a promising one, a website that kills people after they use it but it just doesn’t live up to it at all.  SPOILER. The whole ghost thing as well just makes it pretty ridiculous too, it just loses it. SPOILER END. You don’t really warm to the characters, so much so, that I spent pretty much most of the film thinking that Terry was the man…He’s not.

It had its moments, and the deaths, as I said, were pretty good, but it just seemed like too much of a cheaper version of Untraceable for it to be that good. And I liked Untraceable. Maybe if I hadn’t of seen it, I would have enjoyed Feardotcom more as I couldn’t compare them, but that’s just what I thought. This was Untraceable, but with a ridiculous reason for the whole website killing everyone. It’s also not that clear with everything and missed so many moments.

I realise that this is pretty much a rant, but yeah, I don’t really have much more to say, Feardotcom is not a memorable film. It’s not the worst thing I have ever seen but it’s definitely not near the best either. If you want a film about people dying after visiting a website or anything around that, I’d say if you want a good film Untraceable, if you want a laugh and to criticise, this.


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