Repo! The Genetic Opera (soundtrack)

Doesn’t it look fun?!

Wow. Is all I can say. Wow. ‘A worldwide epidemic encourages a biotech company to launch an organ-financing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. The repossession clause is a killer, however.’ I cannot tell you how excited me and my horror movie best friend were about watching it. As soon as I saw the trailer at the beginning of another movie, I knew I had to see it. And I am so glad I did.

It starts off amazingly and sends you into this comic book world where it tells you the story using bright colours, comic book drawings and music Meat Loaf would be proud of. After this exciting opening, (me and my friend has the biggest grins on our faces, we were loving it!), the film starts like a normal film again, instead of all the comic book illustrations, which is all incredibly enjoyable. The film as a whole is….just strange, you sit there and wonder, what exactly am I watching and what the hell is going on, yet, you’re loving every single second of it.

Now, I do have to warn you, this is very over the top, not just like ‘you sit in a full bath and the water splashes out’ over the top. This is full on ‘bomb into a pool and the pool empties’ over the top. Repo! used to be a stage musical so it takes all that musical theatre over the top-ness, puts it into a film but keeps all the Jazz hands and adds at least two more Jazz hands. Make sense? It’s just over the top to the point where it’s really bad, like the acting is horrifically over the top a few times but it works and it fits where it would not fit in any other movie. It’s like a musical in your TV basically, they didn’t try to turn it into a proper film, this is literally a musical with moving scenery. I’m not a big musical fan, like the whole thing of people just breaking into song over literally anything makes my brain crack, but I loved this. It might have been the horror aspect of it and the fact that Anthony Stewart Head is amazing! He was my favourite character along with the Grave Robber, both keep the whole thing basically together and make it good. Without them, it would just be weird. Sorryyyy.

English actor Anthony Stewart Head. Taken at t...

Where’s Buffy?!

So, so far I’ve mentioned the movie as a whole, but I have not yet mentioned the songs. The songs are….insane! They go from “Things You See In a Graveyard” to a song that was cut from the orignal movie, the charming “Can’t Get It Up If the Girl’s Breathing?”. These songs should win awards. I’m not even joking. They’re just so weird but so so charming in a way you find yourself watching the special sing-along versions on the DVD afterwards. One of the first songs starts off with the lyrics “I’m infected by your genetics”. If that doesn’t make you laugh/amazed/sing a long I don’t know what will. But that wasn’t even my favourite song, mine was definitely ‘Zydrate Anatomy’ which is basically a song sung mainly by the Grave Robber about the actual drug that numbs the pain of operations and so gets people even more hooked on operations and new organs. Brilliant.


I would definitely recommend this, but do not under any way, take this seriously. If you do, you will hate it. This is such an underrated film, it’s just so entertaining and original. And yes, Paris Hilton is in it, but she’s not that bad actually. She won’t ruin it for you, if that’s what you’re asking. Just see it, the familiar faces, the songs, the campness, you need this in your life.

                                                           Before you know it, you’ll be singing ‘LITTLE GLASS VIALL’……


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