Paranormal Activity

I could sleep after this….

Finally, I have seen Paranormal Activity! And I definitely feel it was overrated. Sorryyyyy. ‘After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence.’ I had put off watching this since it came out because I don’t do well with jumps and this film was pretty much just jump after jump. I hate being made to jump and the suspense up to that jump just kills me. I had heard that is basically what this film was, no gore, just suspense and jumps, which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing but I’d just heard this was very very jumpy and scary. I don’t mind if a film has jumps instead of gore, I love my gore but I don’t just go for that, but I had just heard this was scary in that way.

I was disappointed with this. Very disappointed. I was promised ‘One of the scariest movies of all time’, I did not get anywhere near that. Who Framed Roger Rabbit scared me more than this – not all of it, just the scene after Christopher Lloyd is pancaked and turns into a toon…anyway, off subject slightly. I was not scared once during this, the normal slight jumps but I wouldn’t really say they count as being scared as they were just noises. That’s like when the toast pops up.

I felt this movie missed out on a whole load of moments to get in good scares, and it just didn’t, I was watching thinking ‘somethings going to happen’ and it just didn’t. But it wasn’t like the good moment in Cat People, where you think she’s being followed down the dark street, and then it’s just the bus she wanted, this was a full-out anti-climax. So many missed moments, in some ways, what they were trying to do was clever, not scaring you so you ease off being nervous and then BAM, something happens and you’re terrified. Like in the original The Thing, when they’re testing who has it and everyone’s tied to the chairs – that terrified me and worked – this did not as there were just so many of these moments. You just got used to them and got bored.

Paranormal Activity - 00044

Cute couple but nope.

I watched this with my parents and somehow, we didn’t hate it fully. Why? The ending. The ending was clever and somehow saved us having full hatred for it. I had heard and (keenly) Googled and watched (Yeah, said I was keen), all three or four alternative endings. They were all pretty good and I definitely could not choose a favourite but I definitely think the one they chose in the end worked really well and was so clever. I won’t mention what it is but it is good and kind of comes out of nowhere. All the time I was watching it, nothing had really startled me or made me on the edge of my seat but that ending did. It just changed the tone of the entire thing and made me watch it fully. If the entire film had had this type of thing throughout it and not just at the end, it would have been really good. They could have easily gone between something like the ending happening and then back to nothing really happening.

So, overall, I didn’t like the film, moments were missed, so much so, it got boring and I kind of lost interest. The characters also started to get on my nerves, at first, I loved them as a couple, they were like the perfect couple, they were so cute, but then, especially Micha, got annoying. He just kept wanting to bring the demon and annoy the demon just so he could film something cool. Stupid man.  I might watch the others as I have heard, some are different to this one and might elevate what I saw in this one, but I will not be recommending this. Well, not the entire thing, maybe just the ending….


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