I did it! I watched A Serbian Film, or Srpski film, one of theeee most disturbing, wrong movies ever made….and I’m fine. ‘An aging porn star agrees to participate in an “art film” in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.’


A Serbian Film

Just repeat ‘That is not David Spade’…


I finally got round to watching it, I’ve had the DVD for a while but just had never watched it, whether that was because I just hadn’t got round to watching it or I hadn’t found the balls to watch it, I don’t know. I had generally heard that it was really really reallyyyyyy wrong and just the most disturbing thing that some had ever seen, flying straight in front of films such as Cannibal Holocaust.  I have never seen Cannibal Holocaust, but like this, I had/have heard that it is a pretty disturbing film. I’m not going to say I was disappointing because that is just wrong, but it wasn’t as disturbing as I’d set out for it to be. Its wrong, don’t get me wrong, it’s very wrong, but I wouldn’t say I found it disturbing or that I was disturbed after watching it. I fill kind of weird saying that, I’m not weird, don’t worry…


Anyway, as I said, this film is wrong, I wouldn’t say disturbing because I was fine afterwards, but it is very wrong. I mean, looking at the film is about, that’s not surprising at all. Its weird from the start, it opens to you watching the main character in one of his porn movies, which then is shown to be being watched by his own son…awkward. He’s not doing too well, so when some (shady) people say to him about doing a new porn movie that’ll be huge, after some thought, he goes for it. Obviously, it doesn’t go as he plans, in the way of underage blow jobs, necrophilia and the famous ‘baby rape’ scene. Am I selling this film to you? So, from all that, you can see just how charming this film is. Its wrong. Wrong and weird. Oh, and don’t forget the penis, eye socket scene!


Portada A Serbian Film



A Serbian Film is a film that I found wrong but anyone would, what it covers throughout the film is just wrong, it’s a dark movie and just seems like the makers thought ‘whats wrong’ ‘ummm, torturing a baby’ ‘okay, let’s have it, raping a baby’, kind of thing. I think in a way, it was good, because I think disturbing the audience is good in a way, make them feel something as Alfred Hitchcock use to do and say, but it does take some mind to think and put in someone raping a baby… Raping a baby is just incredibly wrong and it definitely makes you feel something, but it’s definitely not nice. Like the entire film, it’s not nice. I’m not sure I fully got it, people say it’s art and I didn’t see that, people say it represents how hard and disturbing where it’s set is and I can see that, if that’s the case then I think it makes some of it better, as making it this hard and disturbing was probably one of the only ways to get it across. I’m not 100% on that though, so don’t hold it against me.


This is a film that is not for the faint hearted, at all, and no one under 18, it’s not your average porno. Things are in this film that cannot be unseen, I wasn’t disturbed by it or found it disturbing but I didn’t really have a good time watching some of it. Worst thing was that the main character looks a lot like David Spade, you know, Kuzco? Makes it so much worst…


The main characters in The Emperor's New Groov...

So much worst….



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