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So I watched all three Cubes. Watched the first one as it really did intrigue me, wasn’t going to watch the rest but was persuaded. I now own all three and actually it was a good choice to buy all three. This is my review of them all and comparing all three. Off we go.

Cube. Obviously, this was the first one I watched and I did like it, it’s got the whole twist story going on which I love. I love a movie with some many twists and turns that if they were real, you’d be very dizzy by now. This film has that, it’s got the amount of twists similar to The Game, where you are made to believe something and then struck with something else. If that makes sense… But I’m kind of jumping ahead here, back to the beginning of the film I go as it has a very good beginning. The beginning is shocking, it comes out of nowhere. Spoiler Cube opens with a mysterious man making his way through a room in the cube, he seems fine and still seems fine when he climbs through a door and lands on the other side. Nothing happens. You don’t k now what you’re really in for so not really sure what to expect, I’ve watched a lot of horror movies so I was expecting that this wasn’t going to be so peachy. It doesn’t lead you to anything, if you didn’t know horror movies, you’d have relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief as he landed the other side. I was right though, it’s not all peachy. As he lands and relaxes, something happens, but you don’t know what, it’s so quick, all you know is that it’s not good. The man stands there for a second before his entire body falls apart in pieces and it is revealed that the thing that was so quick was sharp wires that sliced the man in to pieces. Nice, huh? End of spoiler This is a brilliant opening to a movie, it really sets you up for that anything could happen even in a massive cube where they are stuck.

After this you start to meet all the characters, the characters are all the average characters you would expect, one helpful main one, one psycho, one person who cannot deal with it all, the normal characters. But this is good, you want the different characters, it also makes it very entertaining and gives it a homely feel, like I know this, I know these characters. It also has a slight Psycho feel to it, and by that I mean that it kills off characters quickly and expectantly. One character who is not exactly dickish dies suddenly, I won’t say who but this character is expectantly killed off.

This is a movie that sends you twisting and turning through it entirely as you try to work out why they are there and who is doing it all and why and just questions like that, big questions like that. But don’t. I would encourage you not to try to work anything out. That is all I can say, I will mention it slightly but it will be a Spoiler. I tried to work it out with the characters, I tried, I really did, but it just didn’t work. I think I worked out the numbers, kind of, with some help from my very smart friend who was watching it with me, and worked out that the ‘weirdo’ who comes in last is the one who basically works it all out. Apart from that…I think…..I had no clue. This is a Spoiler, a big spoiler I have now warned you three times. The ending just ends. Tells you nothing, Kazan is the only survivor after everyone else kind of turn psycho, especially one who murders everyone. Oops.Kazan makes it through the entire cube after they realise that the cubes inside of the cube (?) move around and make their way back to where they began. Yeah. So after all that, and trying to work out why they are there, and who’s doing it, Kazan walks out into the light and the film ends. That is it. No questions are answered. None. So as I said before, do not try to work out anything. He walks out and that’s it, we don’t know why they are there, who does it or anything. Annoying but also quite good, you can come up with your own ideas, but never get them answered.

Cube 2: Hypercube. Cube 2 is, obviously, the follow on to Cube and is set in a massive cube like the first one but, as you find out, it is set out slightly different. It is all the same, group of people stuck in the cube, but with different mini cubes. Instead of the gory death traps in traps, each cube messes with time, which is interesting but I definitely prefer the gore. It is also kind of weird and slightly confusing. This might be a spoiler, might not. If I say ‘Old Sex’ to you, and you know what I’m talking about, then it is not a spoiler, if you have no idea, then it is. So read on if you know what I’m on about or read on if you really don’t care. So two of the characters sneak off, and get it on in one cube, which was definitely one of the worse things they could have done. As they’re getting it on time starts to change without them realising and they are soon aging a lot quicker than a human should, within a couple of seconds they have both gained gray hair and wrinkles…Oh boy. Someone then finds them, floating in mid-air, dead and near skeleton like, still in the same-sex position we had left them in. I’ll be honest, I had heard about this and was waiting for this scene as it just sounds hilarious. I wasn’t waiting for it in a creepy way or anything. This whole time thing happens throughout the movie, two characters (the two sex oldies actually) run away and through different cubes only for them to be slowed down, sped up, slowed down and then one sped up and the other slowed down. Yeah, this whole time thing is confusing. There is also something about a dead body switching in the cubes and in another dimension but I will leave the time alone as I am even getting myself confused and I’ve seen the film…

I even had my very smart friend watching them all with me and I think, secretly, the time changes and that got her too…

As I said earlier, I enjoy my gore and even though Cube 2 was entertaining with the whole time changing cubes and that, I missed the tension as someone climbs into a cube and you wait to see if it’s a trap. Not whether or not they are going to be sped up or not. It is also quite confusing and you have no choice not to be confused. With the other Cubes, you can concentrate on the traps but in this one the traps are the time changing cubes so you cannot get around the confusing thoughts. It’s an entertaining film but I definitely missed all the traps, I’m sorry.

How exciting, there’s one more! Here we go!

Cube 3: Cube Zero. Cube Zero is a follow-up of a follow-up of the first Cube, obviously, and luckily goes back to its roots with traps again. It does take yet another different turn though, as you start off in the ‘office’ of the workers who are working and watching the cube. You also see the big boss which was a strange turn as I quite liked the idea that you don’t know who is doing it all, especially after not knowing in the first one but actually, it works. I guess I had no idea of what or who I thought was doing it all so when you meet the boss, it’s not a shocker as he is evil. If he wasn’t evil I would have been disappointed. Definitely.

So Cube Zero starts out meeting two of the workers, one of them doesn’t really care about anyone in the cube while the other goes against one of the rules “Do not get involved and care” and starts caring about a woman who is inside but does not have a concent form. Each person in there has a choice, they either go inside the cube or get the death sentence as they are all criminals, apart from one who does not have the concent form. One of the workers decides to go in after her and help her out much to the dislike of the boss and his friend. This is the basic story of the film,which, as you can see, is a lot different from the other two. You see more of the behind the scenes of the cube which none of the others showed. This one also brings back the gore, which is brilliant. I missed the gore after the second one. This one is the  goriest of the bunch, definitely. But is also just as confusing.

I don’t know whether it is because this is the last one (it  has been years and there hasn’t been another) but I found out a lot about the others at the end of this one. I won’t say anything incase the temptation gets the better of people and they read on and ruin the whole three films for themselves but I learnt. I learnt about the characters from the first, mainly one and a big one at that. I thought we’d (me and my smart friend) worked it out and then to make sure we’d got it right, we watched the commentary and we had, we had actually worked it out. Brilliant! It also worked, it was a very good twist and was good that they’d left it that long to tell you. Obviously, there are still things I have no clue about, like the end of the second one, how did she know what to do and all that but it cleared up the biggest thing for me. So I thank you.

I enjoyed this one, I think I was slightly disappointed in that I think I wanted it more gory and I couldn’t get enough of the traps, but that’s just me. entertaining, good and helpful.

All three to finish this lovely thing up.
Overall, I enjoyed Cube the most, just on the basic that it was the original and was the first one to come up with the brilliant cube idea. I love the whole thing of the characters stuck in the cube, with traps and not knowing anything. I could not get enough of the traps or the twists. I also quite enjoyed that we didn’t learn anything about the people or how they got there or anything. Cube Zero was my second favourite because it cleared things up for me and was the goriest. And Hypercube was entertaining but I missed the gore.

BAM. We are done. All three Cubes.

But not this cube...